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About Us

Protex Elites, LLC was founded in 2002.

Our company is a research and development company seeking better ways to serve the Radiation Protection Market for the Healthcare, Aerospace, Military, and Industrial markets.

We introduced the first lightweight and sporty radiation protection glasses worldwide. 

Healthcare workers worldwide have tried our Radiation Protection Glasses. It was Protex Elites that introduced this creative idea of lightweight and sporty Radiation Protection Glasses to the marketplace in the United States.

Since then, many have tried to imitate our idea, but have not been successful. We have the largest selection of Radiation Protection Frames and colors in the world. Our new Rad-Bans technology and quality surpasses all others.

The innovative spirit of our company continues and more Rad-Bans products will be launched throughout 2007, 2008 and beyond. Please don’t hesitate to contact us to request special programs for your facility or share any of your innovative spirit.

We anxiously await your ideas & thoughts that will help us exceed everyone’s expectations.

Thank you for thinking of Rad-Bans technology for your Radiation Protection Needs.

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